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Hair Extension & Hair Weaving:

Hair Weaving :

Hair weaving is the science of addition of hair to the scalp by the weaving or braiding of human or synthetic hair. It is also called Hair Integration. The hair extension is woven to the root area of the client’s hair so that it grows naturally. It is the process of combining 100% human hair to the clients own natural hair.

Hair Extension :

The hair extension method refers to synthetic or human hair being attached to the natural hair of a person with an adhesive, clip-ons, micro links or tape to lengthen the hair an add fullness. Hair extensions are applied strand by strand to the natural hair.

It is a very time-consuming method as around 100-300 extensions are added to one person to make the hair look natural. The advantages of extensions are that they help women with thinning hair and people who have short hair achieve a longer fuller head of hair.