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We’re thrilled to present the following testimonials which have given joy and satisfaction to our patients as we accompanied them in their journey to be transformed into the very best versions of themselves.


I had hair transplant on 10th august that means almost 6 and half months back. It was great experience and painless surgery. Now it is great hair and even couldn’t see the scalp. And I want to say something about clinics walk. The provided things are good and quality was also superb. And one more thing about management of clinic and punctuality was good. Finally, must do this treatment whoever have no hairs or boldness on scalp.

Hardik Parmar Ahmedabad 4000 Grafts

The service which I have received is totally value for money from surgery to till date. I would surely recommend as well as I can from my contacts. The follow up and reminder of PRP and HRP was remarkable.

Jigar Gala Bandra 4000 Grafts

Much proper and useful guidance doctors and staff are so kind. Very much helpful. I am very much surprise with the result. After operation the care taking activities are very much impressive. Thanks to doctors and staff for helping me and motivating me.

Mangesh Dekate Borivali

Here is my self, Manish moor Jani, I had received/got treatment of my hair transplant as on date 30-04-2019. According to that as five months has been finished, now I am very much satisfied with my hairs as I expected my hairs, I got exactly like that.

In this clinic atmosphere is very silent and helpful, so we can expect good quality from here.

Here doctor as well as whole staff is very good and ready to give best reply on also telecall.

Manish Moorjani Vadodara 5000 Grafts

I am Mrugesh soni, have undergone hair transplant at DNCC Ahmedabad center 0n 10-09-2019 and I can really feel good. I can see the hair growth already from transplanted area then thank you Rajani mam and DNCC to give me my confidence back I recommend DNCC highly to all suffering from hair transplant.

Mrugesh Soni Ahmedabad 3000 Grafts

My hair transplant surgery has been done before 5 and half months that is on 15-04-2019.

I got very good results my looks totally changed of this surgery now I am looking 10 years younger of my age.

The DNCC staff is really humble, well behave & very supportive. I definitely recommend my friends and relative to consult DNCC if they are thinking about hair transplant.

Overall, I am happy with my results

Narendra Patel Vadodara 4000 Grafts

I am Nilesh have undergone the hair transplant at DNCC Ahmadabad center on 13-09-2019 and I can really feel good. I can see the hair growth already from transplanted area thank you Rajani mam and DNCC to give me my confidence back. I recommend DNCC highly to all suffering from hair loss.

Nilesh Nagar Ahmedabad 5000 Grafts

I feel very confident after my surgery its totally life changing experience for me and I am thankful to whole staff of DNCC panjim for taking good care of me. Even after my surgery. My sessions are outstanding I feel like home here. A big thank you.

Rohit Chari Panjim

I Mr. Sagar Patil had gone under hair transplant on 1st of September 2020.

The treatment and surgery were painless and the environment which was treated during surgery was very good.

The support for any need of patients was fulfilled. After surgery the precautions which was needed to be taken was properly.

Every Sunday when I was visiting to clinic the treatment which was provided for me was excellent.

During this period from surgery to till date I have not observed any pain and side effect due to surgery.

Before surgery I had lost my 60 to 65% hairs and now after surgery I have gained and covered my head with hair around 95 to 98%.

The results which I have got after hair transplant is excellent and I am happy with the results. Initially before hair transplant my confidence level was low and now after hair transplant, I am getting good results I am happy and my confidence level is high.

Finally, thanks to the Sonia clinic and the support and the guidance provided to me during this treatment.

Sagar Patil

Well, I joined DNCC for hair transplant (PRP) well the staff is very helpful and understanding. The doctor advised me to go for PRP and was very helpful to guiding and resolving my queries.

Mrs. Yogini did my treatment she truly cares for the patient and was gentle and supportive. Initially the PRP was painful but now with the painless therapy to really good.

Apart from this my hair volume has increased I am very happy with the treatment.

Tejaswini Gadekar PRP

I had my surgery on 1/1/21. Before that my hairline was reading very rapidly. I met one of my friends while on a trip who also had a surgery from the DNCC clinic and had very good results.

So I took the contact from & contacted the clinic. It’s been 1 year & 3 months, my whole hairline had grown back. I feel very confident now. Surgery was very good.

Post surgery support was also good. They were always in contact & took good care. I would suggest if you want do the hair transplant you can consider DNCC clinic without any doubt.

Kunal Sawant Thane

I have completed my surgery on 16/06/2021. So, my brother had also gone through same hair loss problem then he got in touch with DNCC doctors

who were really nice to him they explained him everything about hair loss problem & how he regenerate his lost hair.

So, after few months he had gone through surgery the result was really good. After looking my brother, hair growth had decided to go through the surgery the result are really good.

I would like to recommend this clinic to everyone who are facing hair loss problem usually it is good if you go for surgery in your early age.

Aditya Abhay Lodaya Thane

I Mr. Abdul Gafoor, residing of Milrock Retreat, Flat No A2/F2/ Ribandar, Tiswadi – Goa.

From Last 7 to 8 years I am suffering from hair loss problem, that time one of my friend Mr. Pavitran A.V. Suggested me to Visit DNCC Panjim Clinic,

I have visited to the clinic and met Dr. Sonia, She suggested to take treatment for hair transplant, I have done hair transplant treatment on 04/09/2020, after that I had get good result and my hair loss problem get solved.

I appreciate and thankful to the below staff for their kind service

1) Dr. Sonia – Centre Manager

2) Yogini – Therapist

3) Archana – Nurse

4) Dr. Digvijay – OT Doctor (ex)

5) Dr. Deepali – OT Doctor

6) Sharmila – Housekeeping

I will also try that this type of service to be reach to every needy person who are suffering like me and for that I will try from my side to do the pursuit of your clinic. I wish them good luck in the coming future and expect the same service for the other clients.

Abdul Gafoor Panjim

I began with PRP in January 2020 with an hope to fill the gaps in the areas of hair loss,

to my surprise the results found to be fantastic as the sessions progressed. Initially it began with a mild hair fall which when consulted was found to be normal for the onset of the procedure.

The doctors and staff were confident & quite optimistic with their experience in this field which made going through the overall process of PRP on easy going.

The nurse were very skilled especially Archana Konkulkat while extracting blood & the input sessions.Would recommend this treatment over hair transplant of thinning us Nocratic

Akhilesh Sawant Panjim

I got my hair problem at the age of 25 one of my friend suggest me to do hair transplant so

I was not sure whether I want or not so after few days I visited a clinic which he suggest me to do to so I visited everyone was nice and ready to help the doctor explain me so well and the staff was very good.

I am so glad and I waited and now at the age of 29 I feel confidence in me and I am completely different personality. I was not sure someday I will really get my hair back,

hats of DNCC offer that I suggest my two more fields regarding hair transplant. I am so happy with the outcome of the procedure was well organized the hair looks so natural sometime. I only confused that I did hair transplant now I fell more confidence hats of for all the staff member there were very good, Polite was going so well it doesn’t pain me at all and I waiting for my hair to grow even more. So far it is a great improvement I would recommend DNCC clinic for hair transplant best clinic.


I am Nilesh, have undergone hair transplant at DNCC Ahemadabad Centre, on 13/9/2019 and I can really feel good.

I can see the hair growth already from hair transplant Area. Thank you Rajani Mam and DNCC from to give me my confidence bad. I recommend DNCC highly to all suffering from hair loss

Nilesh Ahemadabad

After So many years of losing my hair. I am so glad that I waited and now at the age of 25 I feel a different kind of confidence in me, feels like all together

I am a different personality now as compared to the old one. I should say “Several compliments on my hair and my self-confidence”. Also I no longer wear hats and stand in a certain angle for selfies or photos.

The results and expectations were exactly what I was told it would. I would really be able to look at myself this way. Honestly I was not sure at all, but then One day my friend told me about this clinic and the surgical procedure, I was glad that such things do exist so I procedure.

I had so many questions to which answers were provided in a very clear way that I could literally grow my hair. I returned back home discussed the procedure with my family to which they agreed upon. Than who suggested me this selection. At last I made a surgical procedure was explained very nicely to me,

all the stay members were good to speak polite, courteous they made me feel very comfortable during this process. The clinic was very good and hygienic as well. The support from the staff was excellent and I am very pleased with the outcome. The procedure was well organized and everything went smoothly. The results were exactly what I had in my mind. It looks Natural and I significantly feel more confident because of my new hair growth above the forehead people would generally look with a different perspective towards bald people loose self confidence in them. But such procedure give a different lifestyle to such people, to be bold to be confident and so on. Waiting for my hair to grow even more, what I can tell so far it is an improvement. A very good improvement I would recommend DNCC clinic for hair transplant.

Sameer Tinwale

I am glad I found DNCC clinic for my losing Hair Solution. I was very depressed, as I was losing hair May be because I my work on cruise line.

As line offer chlorine water. I was very much confused regarding hair transplant surgery I used to always think It was just on many making fraud business. But I was wrong. When I met DR. Sonia I got little confident Because She explained me everything in detail AMD It was very clearly explained by DR Sonia.

I find approached offer clinics But They did not had good clarification. Now it’s been 6 months of surgery and I feel it’s an Excellent Result I saw in growth of my hair. All the staff took very good care of me during the surgery. As well as after surgery follow ups.

I thank you all the take care of me during the process I would like to say special thanks to Archana who was very good to a surgery day. As well as during my PRP she took care of me very personally.

I would also like to think, Mona and Yogini who were assisting during this process.


It has been good experience. I never imagine that I would have got my original look back. It was really hard for me to my face in the mirror. But now my really confident about myself.

At age of 24 I started loosing my hair I tried everything possible to stop but couldn’t at age 28 I was completely bold than one day. I not a friend gave me advice to visit DNCC.

After visiting the doctor and the way they give me a proper guidance. I did my hair transplant that doctor are very friendly they always take proper care with all their treatment and proper care. I got full result.

I am really satisfied with the result I got & really happy. I thank all the staff and doctors. & with their treatment and hard work.

Soma Sawant

Myself Veena Bakal had hair fall problem. My brother had taken treatment for hair transplant.

So he suggested me to take advice From DNCC cosmetic clinic when I came to clinic they gave me good treatment and advised me to take HRT & PRP treatment with that treatment I found lot of difference I was loosing lot of hair with the treatment it has stopped falling.

& I got a good result. I got lot of more support from Dr. Sonia with her help now I was also taking treatment. For my face. I had lot of black spots, Acne on my face with her advice and treatment my face has improved a lot. All the staff of clinic are very co-operative, polite and humble and you got a homely feeling.

Veena Bakal Panjim

1) Itchiness on scalp hair line area.

2) Visible Rashes on neck area & ear.

3) Staff is cool and co-operative.

4) Not happy with hair grafting angulation and the hairline.

5) I got the results its good but could have been better.

About Journey

It’s been almost a year now. For my HT

I had done a good research on Hair HT. Before Then I saw one of my friends Results which was that is the Reason.

I contacted D.N.C.C. I have got good Results and I am happy with the Results which was awesome. He has done HT here in DNCC. So I have got good results and I am happy with results.

I got Dr. Digvijay and Dr. Tajbar was very good at what they did (H.T.) and even the Nurses, Technician are awesome. My journey was cool with D.N.C.C. Now I am more confident and happy after H.T. and other Therapy session. Which I guess pushed my results to be good.

Zamir Yalunkar Panjim

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