Liposuction works best for those who are already healthy, but are struggling to lose those extra few kilos. It is not intended to be a weight loss procedure or an alternative to diet and exercise. If you are struggling with localized areas of fat that aren’t improving even with healthy lifestyle choices, liposuction can help provide you with a slimmer and more contoured body that you’ve been working towards.

Areas that can be treated with liposuction:


Hips and love handles





After administering anaesthesia, our plastic surgeon will carefully make small incisions in your treatment area. We will then insert a cannula (thin, hollow tube) in through the incision so it reaches into the underlying layer of fat. The cannula, which is connected to a surgical vacuum at the other end, is then carefully manoeuvred to help break up the fatty deposits and remove them from your body.

The liposuction procedure is done carefully and artistically to avoid an unnatural appearance or unnecessary side effects. Our surgeons will remove the excess fat until they have achieved your desired results.

Liposuction is a procedure best suited for body sculpting to give you the shape and confidence that you need and deserve.

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