Eyebrow Reconstruction

Eyebrow Reconstruction

The eyebrows are an important facial feature that contributes to a good first impression. Eyebrows can convey thoughts and emotions, and accentuate a person’s unique personal style and personality. Loss of eyebrows can make people feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable about their appearance.

Eyebrow hair loss could occur for the following reasons:

Physical trauma

Systemic or local disease

Excessive plucking or waxing

Trichotillomania (TTM), or obsessive compulsive plucking

Medical/surgical treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy.



An outline of the desired eyebrow shape is drawn with a surgical marker, creating an opportunity for feedback, modification, and patient approval. Local anesthetic is administered to numb the donor and treatment areas. A small strip of hair is removed from an inconspicuously located donor area of the scalp and transplanted in the eyebrow area with artistry and precision, in the angle, arch and direction in which the eyebrow hair would grow naturally henceforth.

Patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

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