dimple creation

Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation is an exciting procedure to create natural-appearing dimples in a safe and predictable manner. Some people are born with one dimple on each side of the face. Others may have one dimple or none at all. Dimples occur naturally due to a defect in the muscle of the cheek which causes an indentation whilst smiling. Dimples can improve the overall aesthetic charm of your smile and complement your face.

Dimple Creation Procedure

The procedure is performed by a trained specialist who first marks out the dimple locations. A small amount of local anesthesia is injected in the inside of the cheek to numb the inner cheek. The surgery is then performed by making a small incision inside the cheek and carefully removing a tiny piece of the cheek muscle, just a few millimeters in size. An absorbable suture is then used to catch the underside of the cheek skin and secure it to the deeper soft tissue of the cheek. The inside of the cheek is then closed with one or two absorbable stitches, which dissolve over the next few days.

There is practically no down time and you will be allowed to return home with your new dimples immediately after the procedure. Minor swelling is normal and will diminish in a few days. Initially the dimple will be visible at all times, later the dimple will appear only when you smile. This period may last a few days or up to a few weeks following your dimple creation surgery.

Dimple creation can give you dimples that fit appropriately in to the contours of your face.

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