laser tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Living with a tattoo that you no longer want is difficult. Our Laser Tattoo Removal technique for men and women can get rid of unwanted tattoos with minimal side effects. A tattoo consists of thousands of particles of tattoo pigments deposited into the skin in the dermal layer which is beneath the epidermis, which is not easily accessible. Depending on the tattoo design, size and color, it may take several laser sessions to remove the ink. There should be a gap between each laser session to allow the wounds to heal and the body to absorb and disperse as much of the ink as is possible.

We ensure that you will be comfortable with your treatment and happy with the results!


A topical anesthetic can be applied to minimize discomfort. A tattoo consists of thousands of particles of tattoo pigments suspended in the skin. The laser energy targets these tattoo pigments directly, without harming the surrounding skin or tissue. This causes tattoo pigment particles to heat up and fragment into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are then removed by normal body processes. The average tattoo will experience optimal fading after three to five treatments, spaced six to eight weeks apart. However, results can vary depending on size, colors, and age of the tattoo you wish to remove.

Following your procedure:

Cool the skin with cold ice packs, Aloe Vera gel, or cool air.

Wash the treatment area gently with soap and water; do not soak the treated areas.

Apply moisturizer or Post Laser Recovery Cream to the treatment area.

Do not shave the treated area if crusting is evident.

Avoid sun exposure between treatments. If sun exposure is unavoidable, always use a SPF 30+ sunblock.

You can be confident that we will safely remove your tattoo in less time and with less discomfort!

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