Male breast enlargement is called Gynecomastia. It is a fairly common condition that has been associated with genetics or certain drugs and medical conditions. Gynecomastia develops when breast tissue begins to increase or there is fat tissue added as well. There is no diet, no exercise, no pills, no injections, etc. which can provide any substantial improvement other than performing this medical procedure. Once the male breast reduction procedure is performed and all the excess tissue is removed, the results are long-lasting and the tissue does not re-grow.

Gynecomastia Procedure

The procedure for treating gynecomastia with liposuction is typically performed using local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia, and involves a small incision on each side of the chest. Depending on your needs and our cosmetic surgeon’s technique, incisions may be located along a portion of the edge of the areola or within the armpit. Through these incisions, our surgeon will remove excess fat and/or glandular tissue, at the same time sculpting a new chest contour that looks natural to your body.

Gynecomastia can help men gain confidence by revealing a more toned chest.

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